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Main achievements

Capacity building of the beekeeping cooperatives, climate smart agriculture oriented to the market, youth trained on making different handicrafts from bamboo, sensitization on human right to historically marginalized people and adult literacy are some of the well visible positive results of the organization that contribute to the improved beneficiary’s livelihood.

Key objectively verifiable indicators are as follow:

  • 1627 Historically marginalized people in Nyamagabe District( Kitabi, Gatare, Uwinkingi and Buruhukiro sectors), Musanze District(Shingiro,Nyange and Kinigi sectors) and in Burera District: gahunga and Cyanika sectors) have been trained in Agriculture system and in increasing their awareness on natural resources by promoting beekeeping enterprises which is an alternative source of incomes and by planting medicinal plants.
  • 51 youth in Nyamagabe have been trained on complementary training by making different handicrafts from bamboo as alternative source of income generating activities
  • 428 historically marginalized people completed the training on adult literacy and trained in actively participating in decision-making, governance and local institutions,
  • 25 commercially beekeepers cooperatives gathering 1508 memebrs were engaged and supported in honey marketing. In addition the cooperative members of these cooperative groups were also given practical training on improved beekeeping practices
  • 25 hectors of Bamboo have been planted on waterways around volcanoes national park in Burera District(Gahunga,Rugarama and Cyanika sectors
  • 2000 Fuel stoves (CANARUMWE) have been distributed around Nyungwe and Cyamudongo forest to reduce fire woods used in house hold and consequently reducing pressure on tree cutting RUSIZI District(NKUNGU,GITAMBI,Nyakabuye and Bweyeye sectors)
  • Integrated agro forestry on 35 hectors in Musanze,burera and Nyamagabe District
  • 234 goats distributed to the 132 families of historically Marginlised Peoples in Nyamagabe.
  • Climate smart Agriculture developed in Ruhago,Ntongwe sector on 8hectors and 24 goats distributed.

Interventions analysis : Coherence

The result of the evaluation showed that the mandate of the REDO is relevant to Rwandan policies and programs of improving the rural development and environment protection.

REDO is coherent to various national plans, strategies, policies and programs. The evaluation of interventions conducted showed that REDO is consistent with and contribute considerably to the District Development Strategy DDS, Nyungwe National Park Strategy NNP ,Volcano National Park strategy VNP, National Strategy for Transformation {NST 1} and the Vision 2020 to mention but a few.