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REDO - Rural Environment and Development Organisation is local NGO founded in 1999 and since its inception has been working to implement environmental conservation activities in the form of advocating for the development of social integration of historically marginalized people in community through supporting of income generating activities, improved fuel stove dissemination for energy conservation, Bee keeping, tree planting, soil conservation, water harvesting for irrigation and household use, pottery and handicraft producers development among others.

The same activities were and some still are implemented around our National Parks and protected area for facilitation of the community needs and rehabilitation of the degraded parches the forest mainly in GISHWATI natural forest, Volcanoes Nation Park and Nyungwe national Park where the situation was worsened by the increased number of Historically Marginalised People¨HMP¨.

REDO‘s Program

The overall program of REDO is called TEAMS

Tree planting

Environment awareness and energy conservation


Microfinancing projects

Social integration of historically marginalized people